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Our photo tips for a perfect scene

Avoid blurry photos

All important objects in the photo (face or hand / foot, objects, etc.) must be shown in focus.

Zoom the image on your monitor to better assess the sharpness.


Tip 3 Avoid underexposed photos

Underexposure is when the image sensor or a slide / negative received too little light during the exposure. A well-lit photo is essential for a perfect poster.


TIP.2 Photo details

Make sure that all parts of the body are shown in full in the photo (not cut off), e.g. half head, half arm or foot. In order to achieve the best possible end result , we also recommend that your clothes in the photo match the colors of our scenes. Sometimes we can edit the clothes color with Photoshop.

Leo Leinwand.jpg




Send us your original uncompressed images directly, by E-Mail as .jpg or .tif files.

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Do you have any questions or are you not sure whether the quality of your photos is sufficient? We're here to help.


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